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Also known as "Contact Cement" Contact Adhesive is used to stick two surfaces together. Having a quick evaporation time (due to the flammable solvent used in the product) makes contact adhesive unique to other adhesives. It is mainly used for joining fabrics and can also be useful for fixing plastic laminates to a wooden base. The bond created by the product is very strong and permanent due to is neoprene synthetic rubber base.

At Sealants & Tools, we provide contact adhesive in both water-based and solvent-based dispersion systems. Solvent-based systems dry quickly leading to making bonds faster. However, you need to take proper precautions because it contains flammable solvent. Water-based contact adhesives take some time to dry, but you can shorten the drying time with the use of heat or increased air movement. Contact adhesive is extensively used to assemble building panels, countertops, furniture and even side panels for recreational vehicles. Browse our list of contact adhesives to make your choice. You can be rest assured of finding what you require for your bonding needs.

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